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Brand design is the foundation of your business.

The first step towards a successful brand design is understanding the businesses purpose, objectives and target market. Once a clear brief has been formed through a discussion or questionnaire process we can start to work on the foundation of your brand design.

I work directly with you to create a clever, visually appealing logo that is simple, unique and memorable. To discuss your brand design get in touch, I would love to hear about your business.

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Brand Design

Colour Selection

Your colour palette should clearly communicate your objective to your target market. For example, blue is perceived to be trustworthy and offers a sense of assurance, suitable for branding a finance company. Green represents nature, harmony and health, suitable for eco-friendly businesses like landscaping. The key to colour selection is knowing both your target audience and business objectives.

Typography & Symbols

At the most basic level there are five styles of typeface: serif, sans serif, script, handwritten and display. Each of these styles along with case, spacing and scaling evoke different meanings and can be used to convey your message. Symbols are another powerful communication element in logo design that can strengthen your brand. Remember that every decision is made with the purpose of reinforcing your brand message.


A logo should communicate clearly who you are and what you offer. Take the corporate identities of Apple and Toyota for example – they each use a very simple icon that with or without text, is easily recognisable and can be reproduced at any size. The more complex the logo, the harder it is to reproduce at smaller sizes and detail is lost. To design an effective, memorable and timeless logo, simplicity is key.

File Formats

Logos are designed in a vector format (.eps and .ai) to ensure that they are scalable and can be reproduced at any size in high resolution. For professional printing always supply the .eps or .ai file for high quality results. For everyday use you will be supplied with .jpg and .png files to use as required. If your needing any specific sizing please detail this in your brief.

Brand Design Sunshine Coast

Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing tailored to suit your objectives and budget requirements.

Quality Logo Design

Bespoke logo designs carefully crafted by hand in Adobe Illustrator.

Gain Credibility

Quality brand design gains trust and credibility allowing you to grow.

Stand Out

A distinctive logo makes a strong impression and stands out from the crowd.

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