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We design more than just a custom logo. We build the foundations for a strong and successful brand.

Build Credibility & Stand Out with a Professional Logo Design

Your logo needs to stand out and make a great first impression whilst clearly communicating your offering and what sets you apart.

We work directly with you to create a clever, visually appealing logo that will form a strong foundation for your brand.

Our brand concepts are built on research, visual strategy and data-driven insights about your ideal client and industry.

Feel empowered to promote your business with clarity and confidence knowing your logo design is spot on.

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Logo Design Principles

At there are five styles of typeface: serif, sans serif, script, handwritten and display. Each of these styles along with case, spacing and scaling evoke different meanings and convey your message. Symbols are another powerful communication element in logo design that can strengthen your brand. Every decision is made with the purpose of reinforcing your brand message.

Your colour palette should clearly communicate your objective to your target market. For example, blue is perceived to be trustworthy and offers a sense of assurance, suitable for branding a finance company. Green represents nature, harmony and health, suitable for eco-friendly businesses like landscaping. The key to colour selection is knowing both your target audience and business objectives.

Logos are designed in a vector format (.eps and .ai) to ensure that they are scalable and can be reproduced at any size in high resolution. For professional printing always supply the .eps or .ai file for high quality results. For general use you will be supplied with .jpg and .png files to use as required. For website design it is best to use .jpg or WebP formats as they reduce the file size. If your needing any specific sizing please detail this in your brief.


A Logo Design Defined by Clarity & Confidence

At our core, we are committed to creating logos and brands that exemplify simplicity, clarity, confidence, and instant recognition. If your current logo or brand feels overly complicated, confusing, or isn’t reaching its full potential, it may be time for a refresh.

We guide you through the process of creating a unique and collaborative brand. It’s a blend of personalisation and organised strategy, with a genuine, caring touch. We’re not just designers; we’re your trusted partner, deeply invested in your company’s success.


Trusted By 120+ Brands

“Quick communication, a very professional approach and a perfect logo made it a fantastic service. I would definitely recommend to use Jemma for graphic design work and I will 100% be using Jemma’s artistic work again!”

– Lawrence L.

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Get Your Design in 3 Simple Steps


Plan Your Logo Design

We’ll chat about your logo design, develop a brief and send a proposal. Once accepted we can get started.


Custom Logo Design

We research your industry and the competitive landscape. Then craft the logo designs with a strategic approach.


A Design Sells For You

Your custom logo design will elevate your brand, amplify your message and help grow your business.


Need a Logo that Sets You Apart? Contact Us!

We are here to help you create a bespoke logo design through a collaborative and personalised approach. You’ll love how easy and simple our process is.

Logo Design FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked logo design questions.

Question not listed? Send it here.

The answer is dependent on your company, but I’ll explain why I believe a personalised logo is always a good investment. I’ll also show you the distinctions between a free logo generator and a custom design.

Your Company’s Foundation
A logo is more than just an eye-catching symbol or your company name in a distinctive font. It is the foundation of your company, affecting all facet of your brand’s image.

Furthermore, it is frequently the first thing that consumers identify with your company. As a result, your logo should reflect the style, personality, mission, and approach of your organisation.

This necessitates that every piece of your logo serve a purpose, which is difficult to achieve with a free logo generator.

Make a Name for Yourself
Using a free logo generator increases the likelihood that your logo will seem identical to that of other businesses. This has been observed in a variety of businesses. A custom logo designer, on the other hand, conducts research on your competition and market to guarantee your brand stands out and is different.

Logo Flexibility
Remember that your logo will appear on all of your company’s advertising, marketing, and communication materials, therefore it must be adaptable.

A custom design solution includes your main logo as well as colour variations made for multiple platforms, backgrounds, and orientations.

A free logo generator often provides only one version, restricting your application alternatives. It won’t be suitable for anything to be professionally printed like signage or marketing material.

Much More Than a Logo
It’s tempting to believe that all you need to get started is a logo design for your Sunshine Coast business. In truth, a new firm requires a comprehensive brand identity.

Various branding elements, such as business cards, flyers, social media designs, and eventually vehicle graphics, building signage, and a comprehensive website, will be required throughout the initial period.

Hiring a professional graphic designer from the start ensures that your branding materials are of high quality.

A logo is the foundation of a brand’s identity, frequently making the first impression on potential buyers. It is critical to have a distinct logo that stands out from the crowd. But how much should a logo design cost? As with any business expense, it’s critical to weigh the cost of logo design against the quality and value it provides.

The cost of logo design on the Sunshine Coast can range greatly.

The cost of a logo design is determined by the project requirements and the designer’s expertise.

Evaluating your budget and specific requirements is a must, and we’re here to help with any questions you may have.

Working with an experienced freelance graphic designer can be a great choice because you’ll get a custom your logo design based on your exact needs.

Several critical elements should guide your decision when selecting a logo designer for your small business or startup. Your logo is an important part of your brand’s identification, and it should:

Exhibit High Quality: Your logo should be well-designed, innovative, and eye-catching, transcending basic image formats (for example, PNG or JPG).

Adapt to Different Materials: Make sure your logo can be smoothly integrated into all of your branding initiatives, from business cards to workplace uniforms, while retaining consistency.

Reflect Your USP: Your company’s unique selling proposition should be reflected in your logo, which should symbolise what you do and how you do it.

Endure Time: A well-designed logo should be appealing and relevant over time, transcending design trends.

When it comes to hiring a logo designer, you only have a few options to consider if you’re wanting a high quality design. The options are to find an experienced designer or hire an agency. If you do hire an agency make sure they are specialists in branding not just marketing.

Here are some steps to consider and limit down your options:

  1. Examine Design Style: Make sure the designer’s style matches your brand’s identity or vision. Examine their previous projects to determine their eligibility.
  2. Enquire About Their Process: Enquire about the process of creating a logo. Professionalism is demonstrated by a rigors process that includes research and concept creation.

  3. Budget should be discussed upfront: Discuss your budget openly to minimise unforeseen charges. To promote transparency, be explicit about your financial restrictions.

  4. Ensure revisions are included: Make certain that the designer is willing to tolerate adjustments and tweaks until you are completely satisfied with the final design.

Choosing the appropriate logo designer is critical for developing a logo that accurately represents your company. If you’re still hesitant, partner with a designer that provides a flat-rate solution, that can assist you in bringing your logo concept to reality.

When a logo is designed, it is instantly copyrighted, and its designer retains ownership until your project is complete.

If you’re a Sunshine Coast business hiring a graphic designer to create your logo design, be sure they transfer you the copyright.

Copyright cannot protect a business name; no names can be copyrighted. To protect your company name, you must register it as a trademark.

Yes! We do everything you need to create a complete brand identity including logo design.

As a graphic design expert I can assist with brand design, brand strategy, and websites, helping you to develop a comprehensive identity for your brand.

Our services include:

  • Corporate stationery design (business cards, letterheads, with compliments slips, envelopes etc)
  • Document design (pdfs, presentations, pitch decks, proposals etc)
  • Marketing collateral (promotional flyers, brochures, ebooks, posters etc)
  • Social media branding (profile images, banners, ads, templates, quotes etc)
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Other print materials (menus, stickers, badges, pull-up banners etc)
  • Websites
  • General graphic design

Grow Your Business With a Professional Sunshine Coast Logo Design.