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Your website should be designed with all of the essential principles in mind including usability, visual hierarchy, typography, grid layouts, imagery and colour.

These principles encourage your audience to engage, interact and enjoy the website journey.

We build custom WordPress websites that stand out, increase your website visitors, look impressive and are a well thought out representation of your business.


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We strive to design websites that create a fantastic first impression, are easy to navigate, and encourage conversions. If your website is outdated or not not converting traffic into customers, then it sounds like it is time for a redesign. We have helped numerous businesses just like yours create an amazing website experience.

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Web Design FAQs

We have put together some of the most frequently asked web design questions.

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Web design can be confusing for business owners. The appeal of a strong online presence is undeniable, but navigating the complexities of creating an effective website can be daunting.

Why should you invest time and resources into something you may not fully understand? The truth is that anyone can create a website, but what really matters is not just an online presence but turning it into customers and revenue.

The price of a website can range from a DIY project that consumes hours of your precious time to a significant investment, running into the thousands. However, cost does not necessarily equate to how effective the website is at generating business.

To the untrained eye, it is difficult to distinguish between a website that generates sales and a website that does not. The value of a website often becomes apparent when it starts generating revenue. Factors like compelling content, analytics, and search optimization are important to a website’s success but are often overlooked.

Many businesses focus solely on costs, looking for the cheapest option, which can ultimately lead to lost sales and costly corrections when errors become apparent after marketing efforts have begun.

Pricing is essential, but it must align with your main goal: attracting potential customers and generating revenue. Your website should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense.

Imagine the potential impact a successful website can have on your business. It can double or triple your conversions, thus significantly increasing your results. For those who are already receiving traffic, it’s important to evaluate missed opportunities.

The challenge is to realize the value of a profitable website and understand the potential return on investment. Effective website design is a complex process that involves not only the design itself but also marketing, which can include paid advertising and SEO.

Quality comes at a price and charges professionals based on their expertise and experience. Building a successful website requires a lot of time and effort, from understanding your target audience to custom development and usability testing.

While offshore development may seem like a good idea, the risks of poor communication and compromised quality make it an unreliable option. Partnering with local professionals with proven track records and references is the best way to ensure a successful outcome.

Investing in quality and expertise is your safest bet for a successful website that attracts customers and sets you apart from your competitors.

We want you to know that everything we create for you is tailored to your unique needs. Our expert design team, well-versed in the art of sales, crafts a high-converting website from the ground up. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a custom design meticulously constructed to boost your leads and sales, maximizing the potential of your existing traffic.

Unlike many agencies and freelancers who offer cookie-cutter websites that simply blend in, we’ve got a track record of proven results. Our websites have delivered remarkable increases in leads and sales.

Imagine the power of a new website that can attract more customers without additional advertising costs. This is exactly why we view our website as an investment and not just an expense.

But our commitment goes beyond design. We’re here to help you write effective copy, ensuring your website conveys important messages that resonate with your ideal customers and puts you ahead of your competitors. Additionally, we offer comprehensive on-page SEO optimization, ensuring your website is search engine friendly from the start, saving advertising costs.

Our websites offer you the complete package for online success, making a direct impact on your present and future marketing efforts. Your digital presence is more than just a virtual business card; it’s a powerful tool that can transform your business.

To create websites that drive conversions and prioritise sales, we follow a proven 5-step process designed to achieve success:

1. Onboarding & planning phase
We commence the planning phase with a one-hour onboarding meeting to understand your business and design goals. This phases allows us to then create a strategic site map and outline the customer journey and conversion workflow ensuring a solid foundation for success.

2. Wire-framing & website design
The web design process starts with wire-frames to ensure the website’s structure, goals and functionality are in-line with the initial strategy. We invite clients to take an active role in a one-hour review session to provide valuable input. We then finalise the wire-frame concepts.

3. Web development of the wire-frame design
We create your website design from the ground up, ensuring that it looks great on all devices, including mobiles. We configure WordPress for optimal performance and complete thorough testing across various devices and browsers, attention to detail is essential. Furthermore, critical tools such as Google Analytics are seamlessly linked, and the website is subjected to a thorough SEO checklist completion and on-site optimisation. Performance is not overlooked, as it is tested and optimised for a smooth user experience.

4. We launch your website
The launch process involves safeguarding the site through backup procedures, updating DNS settings, and the official website launch once the development site has been approved. Furthermore, URL changes are seamlessly managed through redirections, enhancing user accessibility and SEO. To fortify security, an SSL certificate is installed, while all software components, including plugins and themes, are updated. Finally, the website is submitted for search engine indexing, optimizing its visibility and accessibility to the online audience.

5. Website training & handover
In the client handover phase, the focus is on empowering you for success. The process begins by sending the necessary information for accessing the website. To ensure clients are well-prepared, a comprehensive training video is provided, showing you how to navigate and effectively use the site. Additionally, all relevant credentials and documentation are handed over, equipping clients with the tools and knowledge needed to take ownership of their digital presence and make the most of their online platform.

We meticulously handle every aspect of your website project, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you, our valued client.

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated timelines to build a website:

A single-page long scrolling website, which provides the look and feel of multiple pages on scroll, can typically be built within a week.

For an average sized website consisting of 5 or so pages, the average development time is approximately 4 weeks.

A more complex website with 10 or more pages could take up to 8 weeks to build and optimise for search engines.

Yes, we have the ability to update your existing website and improve your SEO (search engine optimisation).

However, it’s important to realise that a website redesign is an important step in growing your business, especially when your current website isn’t reaching its potential.

Ensuring your content is up to date and relevant to your site visitors’ interests is essential.

Our process begins with in-depth performance analysis to identify areas of success and improvement. This can include visual enhancements, introduction of new features, strategic SEO tactics, graphic design enhancements, and user experience improvements.

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