Instagram Strategy I used to 20x my Reach in One Day

Get Fast Results with this Instagram Strategy

I’m sharing with you my instagram strategy that details exactly how I 20x my goals post. I will be using this strategy again for sure & hope it can help you with your reach also.

Carousel post

First I created a carousel post with six image slides. Using a carousel means more engagement when people swipe through so it’s better for your engagement results. Also, instagram wants you to use all their features (so I had heard but now I’m a believer and will include this in my instagram strategy often!).

Here’s an overview of the post slides and a direct link to the post –


Post timing

I posted 30mins before the peak time that I found in the insights on my business account. I do believe timing plays a huge part and that the first 2 hours are crucial for getting as many likes and comments as you can.

Here’s a screenshot of the instagram insights. While you suss out your best post time also look at what days most users are online.


Hashtag insight

I only used relevant hashtags under one million posts, the sweet spot was no less than 50k and no more than 800k. I actually didn’t do a lot of hashtag research to be honest, I just tried to use a mix but still stay somewhat relevant to my post.

Before posting

15mins before posting the carousel I liked all of the latest photos of my most loyal followers. To find them I went through my likes for my last few posts and made sure to like anything new. I’m all about sharing the love with the people to also send it back.

NOTE – I’ve tested not engaging with my feed and it has major consequence on your post results so always engage with your followers.

After posting

When I posted I immediately jumped on my personal account and liked, commented, shared, booked marked (all the things) made my partner do the same ahah. If you have friends or family that can also do that it really helps get you started.

I then jumped onto a facebook engagement group that has like for like support rounds. I dropped my post link and started liking the others posts in the round I entered. This is a great way to gain more guaranteed likes quickly and I have found it to be very effective.

After the above I went to 8x hashtags that I thought are my best shot to connect with my ideal client. I found cool content and liked around 5x images in both the Top Posts & Recent Posts sections. I also went into each of these accounts & liked another 2x photos as well as occasionally leaving a comment. As part of your instagram strategy I’d say it is 100% necessary to like more than one photo so you get noticed. This shows instagram that you’re involved in your area of expertise/interest and engaging with like minded users.

Gaining more quick likes & comments

Next I went over to Kylie Jenners page to use her tribe of followers. Jumped into the comments to find recent (within last 30mins) LB or First or Row comments so I could engage with those accounts because they return the love quickly. LB = Like back, CB = comment back, First = like first photo, Row = like last 3x photos or rows of photos. This gives you another spike to show instagram your content is good. I’d say this part was about an hour throughout the day split up. I spread out the time to avoid getting a ban or timeout.

Instagram stories

I added 3x of my own instagram stories (text based not video) about 2 hours after posting and sent comments/emojis to 6 peoples stories (so not many). I’m not sure that this played a huge part because the stories only got about 44 views each so nothing major hence why I’d leave this till last again.

Excited to see you grow to!

I truely hope this instagram strategy can help you grow your account & engagement. I know very well that it is hard starting & growing a business. There is nothing worse than doing a whole lot of hard work and having no results to show for it.

Here are the results just 12 hours after I used the above strategy:


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